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Here are some commonly asked questions about working out with these little cuties.

Where are your classes located?

We're getting our newly acquired land ready for next year, our Goat Yoga classes are pop-up events around Bexar and Bandera counties. Sign up for our newsletter,  follow us on social media, and check our Calendar for upcoming dates and class locations.


What are the benefits of Goat Yoga?

Animals that love to interact with people, such as goats, heal those that are hurting and can provide us mere humans with many significant physical and mental health benefits. Goats are carefree, kind-hearted creatures that like to snuggle and emit love. Their presence is a loving, therapeutic, healing one.

There are countless science-based benefits to yoga, such as improved flexibility, reduced stress, improved mental health, reduced anxiety, and improvements in overall quality of life to name a few. The act of petting or being near goats induces an automatic relaxation response that is certain to make you smile and feel at ease.


Mindfulness & Mental Health Benefits

Practicing yoga with goats nearby has many mental benefits, as the animals lift your spirit, help ease sadness, and improve communication. In neurodiverse children and adults, this therapy has the potential to reduce anxiety, boost mental stimulation, and reduce feelings of loneliness. 


What kind of goats will be there?

They are blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf goats.


I'm a beginner/first time doing yoga, will I feel left out?

The yoga taught is at a beginner's level. This is mainly an animal therapy encounter, these little guys want your attention and will be doing what they can to play with you. Asanas will be done in between snuggles, hugs, and pictures. 


Do I have to do Yoga? Can I just spend time with the goats?

Yes! You can come and meditate on your mat and interact with the goats.  For insurance purposes it is necessary to sign up for a class.


I've got some Cheetos that the goats would love, can I feed them?


What is your refund policy?

Refunds are only offered if the class is canceled by the instructor or in the case of rain. A raincheck or credit will be issued and can be used toward taking another class within 30 days if there is class space available.


They're so cute! Can I take pictures?

Absolutely! Goodness yes! We encourage you to take pictures and share them. We would love to see your memories so please feel free to tag us at #alorafarmgoatyoga.


What should I wear?

Something comfortable that you can move and stretch in. You'll be outdoors in a grassy area with goats jumping on you. We also recommend wearing your hair up to keep you cool and to discourage the goats from eating it. Hair can disrupt their digestive system and make them ill.


Is it handicapped accessible?

Classes are held in an open field that can be accessed by wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane, or other support.


Do I need my own yoga mat?

For health and safety reasons, you'll need to bring your own mat, towel, and water bottle. 


Can small children attend?

It depends on the class. Our priority is to provide a sensory safe place for our clients. The unpredictablilty of a child's joyful squeal can cause anxiety for someone with an auditory sensory processing disorder. We will include disclosures in the details of the specific event if small children are able to attend. In these cases, a small child can attend with the purchase of a ticket. They should also be comfortable around animals. 


Goat poop?

Goat poop is small pellets like deer, and while it doesn't often happen, there will be poop on a mat from time to time. Goat yoga veterans know to shake off the mat, there's no mess, and it's supposed to be good luck!

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